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QCan the application take health scans from other animals?
Our technology is only for dogs and cats.
QOther than eyes or skin, are there any other parts where I can check?
You can now check the dog's joints. You can also check dog's and cat's dental altogether.
QHow do I check the previous records?
It's not available now. If you subscribed membership service before, you can still access the health check history.
QCan I check my pet's health with photos in my album?
No, you'll need to take photos using our TTcare application.
QWhy do I get different results for the health check?
Check results may vary depending on how the picture was taken. Lights and surroundings may affect the outcome of results. To get more accurate results, please read over the user guide.
QIt keeps on asking me to auto-capture again. Why is that?
There are times when AI won't auto-capture if there's something blocking the eyes, if it's not the correct eyes you are checking or if there's more than one eye in the camera screen. Please carefully read over the user guide to capture the eyes correctly.