Simple questions
and the love of our pets
led us to this adventure.

How do we know when our pets are sick?
Is there a way to find out?
Are we providing them with the right, timely care?
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Technology and community make what we do possible.

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To date, we couldn't have accomplished much without the support of our partners for our patent-pending technology. We never dreamed of being able to identify abnormal symptoms in dogs and cats using our smartphones.

From our AI technology collecting data from animals and veterinary experts who helped us label all this data, we have refined over the years with an infinite number of trials and errors.

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This gave us the courage to deliver the solution and give pet parents like us a tool to check, prevent, and help our loved ones that are unable to verbalize their pain.

Our Team

A world class team with global experience in AI and veterinary medicine ready to innovate the pet healthcare system.

Euna Huh

CEO, AI Big Data Pioneer

  • 25+ years in AI & Big Data
  • POSTECH Master’s Degree
  • LG CNS. DW Team Lead
  • POSCO Tech Search Lead

Ronnie Hyun

CFO, Corporate Strategy

  • 20+ years in Marketing, Biz Dev.
  • Business Director at Henkel (GE) 
  • Marketing Lead at Loctite US
  • VP at Pet Supplement

Eric Pai, MBA

CSO, Global Business

  • 15+ years at fortune 500 & start ups
  • Customer Marketing, Unilever
  • Brand Management, KIND

Henry K. Yoo,

Global Vet Partnership Lead

  • 50+ years global veterinary experience
  • Global Lecturer throughout for Preventative Medicine & AI
  • Ohio State University Distinguished Alumni
  • Adjunct Prof at Case Western University
  • IDEXX Key Thought Leader
  • Led consulting services through AVMA and AAHA

Hyunjung Kim, DVM

CVO - R&D planning Lead

  • 12+ years in veterinary medicine & pharmaceutical industry
  • Global veterinary professional network lead
  • Seoul National University, DVM, MSc 
  • Associate Veterinarian at SNU & Ansan Animal Medical Center
  • Global BD & Marketing at Santen, CELLTRION Healthcare

Justin Hyun, DVM

Director - Nutrition Lead

  • 10+ years in Pet Nutritional Research
  • Konkuk University, DVM
  • Jeil Feed Veterinary Nutrition Laboratory
  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition Korea

Our history (path taken)

Founded in 2020, we are a young, growing start-up learning and exploring different paths that we think would be optimal for our beloved companions. Although we all know that nothing is guaranteed, there are some steps that we can take to help our pet companions live a happier, healthier life, and we thrive to be that channel between our beloved companions and their path to wellbeing.

Recognition & Accolades

TTcare have been recognized, approved and featured by global corporations and media for our cutting edge technology and service


2023Pet Innovation Award


2022, 2023Winner of CES Innovation Awards


2022Forbes Asia 100 to Watch


2022Selected as Google Startup Program


2020Winner of POSCO IMP Awards

Patents and Proprietary Rights with TTcare

TTcare solution has been developed based on Scientific Reports published in Oct. 2019
with the main author participating in all parts of development.

CNN-based diagnosis models for canine ulcerative keratitis

TTcare solution is based on three(3) patent registered technology with six(6) more
patent-pending technology bolstering its technological prowess.

Ophthalmic disease measuring system using a portable terminal and
ophthalmic disease management method (2022) and etc.